Protective Hairstyles – Glamours ‘N’ Sleek Tips

Taking care of your natural hair is essential – yes long, but essential because it helps keep your hair looking silky-smooth and most importantly healthy. When it comes to our hair, aren’t we protective? So here are some Methods to keep your hair strong and healthy the ideal thought would be to get your hair done, of a protective hairstyle of your choice. I gathered useful hairstyles which would suit you. Styles like:

  • Boxbraids – A excellent long term style. Good for protecting the hair and also from keeping you out of the toilet, styling your natural hair for a length of time. Instead, it’s a quick up and go style. Alongside it gives the hair a rest from chemical, heat damage and reduces breakage.
  • Pick and Drop Braids – Similar to box braids, it is used with synthetic hair. Gives a more natural look, gorgeous hairstyle for all seasons. This protective hair is ideal to be kept in for 1-3 months or less, depending on how you manage the hair.
  • Crotchet hair – This hairstyle will need to be braided into a cornrow. When doing this hair-do, you or your stylist will need to assure that the cornrows are not braided tightly, reason being because this can cause tension and hair loss even thinning your natural hair. Crochet is another slaying looking natural look. With Crochet the hair comes in majority of looks from straight, curly, braided, twisted and so forth.
  • Wigs and Weaves – A very popular hairstyle in this generation, gives the hair a break from heat. I’d say this type of hairstyle is what you see more frequently than the above braiding methods. Wigs and Weaves have a massive range of different appealing looks, so you’ll never be out of ideas. A disclaimer with wigs and weaves, this style you need to be careful on not damaging the hair as this can be possible. Please assure if doing yourself you apply a protective base first than start sewing and when sewing do not tug on the hair as this can cause damage to your roots and hair. But besides that getting your hair sewed in will get you looking luscious.

Preferred Length – Too Picky? Unsure?

Choosing your length preference can be challenging when you are unsure. What can help? Try thinking on the length you mainly purchase or if it’s your first time, choice the length you truly prefer. It could start from short lengths 8 to 16 inches or even dare yourself to go for that longer look 18 to 30inch. Yes the lengths do get longer but it’s up to you, what length do you think would suit you. Another gifted tool we humans have is a sense of imagination- try picturing yourself in a hairstyle of your choice, what could help would be looking for a hair styles that you would love on yourself. You could even go through the months, every month or some months you have hairstyles set out for yourself going from different lengths to different textures, you could even switch up the colors. Be creative and slay your look.

Preferred Textures In Weaves – Changing it up !

Right ! So we move onto the textures, yes another picky choice us ladies struggle on deciding on. The types of textures that would be nice on you are:

Straight weave – Gorgeous silky look for all seasons.

Wavy weave – Gives that luxurious wild look.

Kinky weave – Natural weave blends well with our African American hair.

Wet Curls – Gives the hair a wet look 24/7

Body Curls – Boujie Golden look, locks the Curls

Straight weave

Wavey Hairstyle Look


Wet curls

Body Curls

With weaves, they come in different textures but they also come in different styles of their smoothness and thickness. Here are some types that can help you identify your ideal type of weave textures.

  • Peruvian – Is lightweight, it provides more volume its thick and it can achieve full hair installs with fewer bundles due to its thickness.
  • Brazilian – This texture is very Popular, it is extremely luxurious along so soft has a lot of body and natural shine. It’s lister is low to medium.
  • Remy – High quality healthy hair, hair is cuticles, meaning the hair goes in one direction from the root to the tip.
  • Malaysian – Heavy and Thick. Extraordinarily silky, and gives a stunning shine.
  • Indian – lustrous and thick more flexible and durable than other hair textures. Indian hair can be styled to achieve any look you would like while the hair maintains its natural beauty and it lady a very long time.

Getting Your Hair Done – Dosen’t Mean Your Dislike Your Own

Rumours have it, people think when you do multiple hairstyles and show less natural hair you have a problem with it, right? No. We all have a love-hate relationship with our natural hairs. So at times we have a break from it as long as we would like. Sometimes we enjoy looking 10 times beautiful than we are, sometimes it’s just us wanting to try a different look we’ve been craving to try and sometimes it’s us doing protective hairstyles to keep our hair maintained and become healthy in growth. I sometimes believe our hair types of all sorts loves to be treated and left alone to work it’s magic, so by these beautiful creation of hairstyle, are placed onto our hairs the wonders happen. Never feel intimidated that you do multiple hairstyles do what makes you smile and makes you confidants bold when you look into the mirror, when you get out that door to run that run way.


Let’s dicuss prices, getting our hair done- don’t come cheap. There are a ranges of prices it comes down under, from low prices to medium to high. Some don’t trust the low range prices because they believe it is of bad quality but little do they know they are often of good use just have to test them out. And for the high quality know doubt they are of good use but don’t be fooled some companies do try to scam so make sure the company you buy from are legit, for example Unice Hair or Ali Grace, their prices are acceptable and not overly high. With box braids, crotchet or locks they are very affordable and easy to use and purchase from your local beauty stores.

Make Your Look A Book

Praise yourself, love yourself be creative, make your hairstyle look transform into a book. Take pictures, capture memories look at yourself and see how beautiful and powerful you are. Keeping looks is motivational you inspire yourself and test yourself to see what other looks you are willing to try next. Every page you make is your accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be a actual book it can be an album on your phone. I find this helpful and it puts a smile on my face and maybe yours if you see yourself in many different protective hairstyles. This is the many of steps to self- love.

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